Martina opened in 2017 to much fanfare.  Occupying the recently vacated space that once housed Upton 43, Martina pledged to bring “Argentinian inspired cuisine” to Minneapolis’s Linden Hills neighborhood.  The owners tapped Chef Daniel Del Prado, previously of La Bell Vie, Bar La Grassa and Burch Steak and Pizza Bar to create the menu.  Prado, who was born in Argentina, was a perfect fit.

The interior design of the restaurant when through quite a few permutations, but one constant was the selection of our Verde Fantastico Marble. The design is built around this bold and dynamic marble, ending up on a feature bar top in the middle of the restaurant space.  It splashes just enough color to be fun and stylish yet staying understated – letting the flavors of this incredible restaurant do the talking.

Verde Fantastico Marble                                             Verde Fantastico Marble Close up