Our selection

Our mission is to search the world for new and exciting material while also selecting premium stone that pass our quality standards. Our showroom features granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, onyx, quartz, and porcelain.

The Process

This is not an easy process. Remodeling your home means you will be looking at your decision every day for the next how many years so please take your time. Don’t expect to stop by and pick your stone out on the first visit. Gather ideas online of what you like and don’t like. Bring cabinet doors and flooring samples to match. Your first visit will range between an hour to an hour in a half so please consider our facility hours before planning a trip. Certain times of the day will also be busier than others. Coming over your lunch break may be ideal but many people will have the same idea.

Use our room visualizer for unlimited possibilities on your next stone project

Where to go

It is good to research where you can select your stone. Fabricators can also be a big help in telling you where they typically get their stone from and who to work with. Although fabricators do have some stone in their showroom, it is important to visit the slab warehouse to see the full extent of your options. Keep in mind that some places list no children under 13 shall be allowed in the slab showroom for safety reasons.

What to do

Check in at the front desk! This may seem obvious but some choose to skip the check in process and wander to the warehouse. By checking in we will be able to ensure a sales rep to work with you to answer any questions or put material on hold for you. While checking in you will be asked for your name, address, fabricator, builder, designer and whatever information you can. Minimum information will be name, number, and email address. We do this so we can email your selection or contact you in regards to your material on hold. We will not quote you pricing for your project. We categorize stone into level categories 1-10. If you want to know what category you fit in please ask your fabricator what range would be appropriate for your budget. Standard projects range from a level 3-5 but please don’t base this on your selection.

In general granite is priced based on design and color of the stone. More uniform look will be generally less expensive while products with flow/movement will be more expensive

NOTE: All stones have fissures, pitting, and other natural attributes. It is not an imperfection but simply a part of the natural beauty.

When you like one or found “the one”

Write down the color name and location. At the start and end of every row there are numbers listed. Letters are labeled on the floor in front of the stone. If you forget the location don’t worry we can help figure it out. Next is figuring out what is available. Although it may seem like all the slabs are ready for the picking, some material is already on hold for other customers. We make it our mission to find you the best material so if something isn’t available we will do our share of digging to try and make it work. Stone is natural which means it comes in a variety of sizes. Ask your fabricator the minimum size you need and how many slabs you need. If your kitchen has an island assume you will need at least 2 slabs for your project.

I have selected my slab, now what?

Put your slab(s) on hold! You will have 30 days to decide if you would like the material or not. After the 30 days the material will be released to the public unless a deposit is made by the homeowner, fabricator, or builder. This is the only way we can ensure your material will stay on hold. Material information will be sent to fabricator so they can establish a proper estimate

Once the material has left our showroom it is out of our control. Further questions in regards to maintenance, finish, and general issues should be addressed with your fabricator.