Bachelor Farmer

In 2008 brothers Eric and Andrew Dayton purchased a building described as “a historic brick-and-timber warehouse located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. Built in 1881 and expanded in 1902, the building was home to a number of small businesses over the years, including McMillan Fur and Wool, Northwestern Grease Wool Co. and Marvel Rack.”  They worked with Janet Gridley and James Dayton Design on the interior design of the restaurant and their approach was to preserve the original character of the building.  You might be asking yourself, what material is timeless enough to fit the constructs of a brick-and-timber warehouse built in 1881 – why White Carrara marble of course.

As a group, the Bachelor Farmer team made the choice of classic White Carrara marble and the restaurant was opened in 2012.  The marble fits the space so well that it was selected to be used in an adjacent space when The Bachelor Farmer Café was opened in 2016.

White Carrara CD Marble Slab                                                      White Carrara CD Marble Slab Close up