The Coral Castle of Homestead

The Coral Castle of Homestead, Florida just may be the greatest one-man engineering feat of modern times. But while this odd, mostly open-air “castle” is contemporary, it shares something with one of the world’s greatest architectural mystery: Giza’s pyramids. Why? Because just like those ancient edifices, the construction of Coral Castle is shrouded in mystery.


Between the early 1920’s and 1950’s, a Latvian immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin built and then moved one of the greatest wonders of architecture in modern times: Coral Castle. Leedskalnin built the Castle with nothing more than an ancient understanding of magnetism.

How he built and then moved this monument from stone – single-handedly – defies our modern-day understanding of physics. What we do know is that he claimed to use magnetism and “the secrets of the pyramid builders”.


Whenever people asked Leedskalnin how he managed to man-handle the massive stones of Coral Castle, he refused to give a direct answer. Instead, he’d simply reply that he understood the laws of weights and physics. “I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids” he’d say, without disclosing exactly what those secrets might be.

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