About Us


In 1997, Amsum & Ash is an importer and wholesale distributor of natural stone products such as Granite, Marble, Slate, Onyx, Sandstone, Limestone & Soapstone as well as various porcelains, glass, metal and other solid surfaces. With its parent company as the one of the largest manufacturers of stone products worldwide, Amsum & Ash has an added advantage in supply of a vast range of products, through the US flagship location in Minneapolis.

We are committed to providing:

  • World Class Natural Stone Products
  • Unique and Exotic Colors with deep inventories and unique finishes - Not Available Through Other Distributors
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Personal Product Tracking and On-time Delivery


World Class Products

As a U.S. flagship location of Tab India, Amsum & Ash enjoys over 300 colors of granites and marbles in its stone gallery. Tab owns and operates a large number of quarries, exclusive stones from these quarries are only available through Amsum & Ash. Over 50 colors of slate, quartzite and limestone are stocked in many sizes and many finishes. Slate & Quartzite slabs, mosaics, metal tiles and mosaics, glass tile and mosaics, selection of porcelains and other very unique products. Our associate company Tab Brazil also enables Amsum & Ash to have the best blocks, the best exotics and the best exclusives. This unchallenged arrangement makes our Minneapolis flagship store the most unique of its kind offering very large palate of choices to designers, architects, builders and home owners. We are one of the Midwest’s leading providers of natural stone products and services for the hospitality, retail, foodservice, healthcare, government, commercial and residential construction industries. Our roots are deep in the stone industry and as a vertically integrated company Amsum & Ash offers choices that no other distributor in Twin Cities can offer. Our selection of natural stones is put through a rigorous process to guarantee the highest quality, quickest deliveries and deepest inventories.


Superior Customer Service

We are committed to assisting every client with respect, patience and integrity. Our entire staff has been trained and well versed with the origins of our stone, proper usage and implementation as well as proper stone maintenance. Our flagship showroom and warehouse showcases over 300 unique colors of Granite, Marble, Onyx, Soapstone, Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite and Limestone in slabs and tile. All calls are answered and handled with care. All inquiries are treated promptly.


Personal Product Tracking & Delivery

We offer one-on-one personal care to all our fabricators and clients. Every stone is cataloged and tracked from the time it is initially discovered and quarried to the time it is finally delivered to a fabricator. Please contact our offices for further details.